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Outdoor Season is on the Horizon

As the club prepares for the 2018 outdoor season, things are being put in place to make sure the players and the club are ready. We'll be having three team participate in this years State Cup competition and four teams vying for the CNYJSA League championships. To get the lads ready for the Playdown matches for State Cup. The 2003s and 2005swent down to Baltimore Mania to get some good competition and good weather.

It's fair to say that we received both. To top it all off, the venues were pristine and it was a previledge to play on such posh grounds. Both teams would have liked to perform a bit better but it was early days in our quest to have a successful outdoor season. The '03s were led by top marksman Todd Durantini and were able to earn a hard fought win on the last day to finish 1-0-2 on the weekend. The '05s received some solid performances from both keepers, Parker Gamble and Sam Allen, but the squad couldn't get any positive results.

All in all it was a very good and experience laden event for all involved. The club looks to get into another event next month before the matches really start to come in waves.