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I don't want to sound like I'm bragging but I picked France to win it all. The depth in the squad was too much for me to ignore. I felt if they could keep things together they could make a run. The final was a bit more nerve racking than I thought it would be. That is all credit to Croatia for their never say die attitude.

Over the 90 minutes, Croatia were the better side. I believe they played the better football, their performance is what I aspire to have all of our FCRB sides play each and every time out. The midfield performances of Brozovic(Inter), Modric(Madrid) and Rakitic (Barca) was simply the best of the tournament. Having said that France had to find a way to withstand the pressure from the men with all the Bulkan Toughness.

The resiliance of the French side is what ultimately won the cup for them. The stuck to their game plan, they kept their composure and discipline even when things looked like they were going off script. That is a sign of a team that has the right collective mind set. They wouldn't allow themselves to be rattled, even on the biggest stage. Falling behind to Argentina early in the second half was the first real test and they came through that. Then they had two nervy fixtures against Uruguay and Belgium. The Belgians really came after France as well but the Le Bleus solidarity wouldn't be fazed.

It's fair to say that Belgium and Croatia really took the games to France but they were not going to be denied. The experience of the failure two year ago in the European Cup Final against Portugal was fuel to get Deschmap's Men over the line. This France victory was more than talent, it was about determination, committment and desire. Through hard work they were able to find their reward.

It was a great final and a great tournament. So many stars showcased themselves and their nations well. Russia 2018 was a great advertisment for the world's beautiful game! Maybe one day there will be a FCRB graduate who will get to showcase his talents at the World Cup as well. For now the stage belongs to France, Vive le France, ALLEZ LE BLEU!!!