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Another Great Night for FCRB

It was a beautiful Fall night in Central New York and the Deamon Decons of Wake Forest put their #1 ranking on the line. Our boys at FCRB had a great opportunity to be up close and see many future professionals in action.

On both sides, Syracuse and Wake Forest offered a lot to a packed stadium. Wake came with their free flowing football and Cuse had to play a more pragmatic style and look for very good counter attacking opportunities. It was a fascinating match to watch because both sides had such great tactical plans for the massive ACC encounter.

It was a very special night because the boys of FCRB got to witness in person, the upset of the the top ranked team in the land. Syracuse ran out 2-0 winners, it was a very impressive win because the Boys in Orange had to be close to perfect to get the result and they were.

It was a great atmosphere for our boys to learn from players that they look up to and also dream of being on that stage themselves on day. We look forward to the next Club Day with Syracuse University Men's Soccer.