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Seasons End 2019

2008s: The U11 Boys always have it tough in their league play. Being the youngest side out every week adds to the challenge. No matter the obstacle, those lads always put up a fight. In the process scored some great goals and always made every contest interesting.

2006s: The U13s had a very good season. There were some exceptional individual performances throughout the season. There were some matches towards the tail end of the season that really showed the growth of this group. Completely dominating every phase of the game and ultimately deciding how the matches would go. The came very close to Total Football at times this season.

2005s: The U14s also showed a lot of growth. They showed great understanding and commitment for about 90% of the matches this season. We unlucky not to earn any silverware but the potential is right there. They showed resiliency and and fight when needed and got themselves results when some may have chosen otherwise. Exhibiting the FCRB was very prevalent in their play throughout the course of the season.

2003s: The U16s had the toughest season due to Mother Nature. The litmited schedule they they were able to play in showed a lot of promise. The growth of this group in terms on size was encouraging. The goal next season is to do MORE for these lads. It's a crucial time in their develompent and the coaching staff is going to be ready to get them ready.