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Jordi Triumph
Our Own Champion

Sloan, who is also known as "Jordi Alba" with is club mates won the Section III Class C Scetional Title with his High School Bishop Grimes. They were able to defeat Westmoreland/Oriskany 2-1 to become Sectional Champions. We were able to catch up with Justin and chat about what the whole experience was like.

What Position did you play during the season?

Sloan: I usually played right midfield in a 3-4-3 formation.

What were the Regular Season highs and lows:

Sloan: Definitely winning the Derby vs Bishop Ludden the second time around in the season was a highlight. Also, winning the trust of my teammates and the coaching staff was very satisfying as well. Obviously becoming Sectional Champs was great as well.

The low point was losing the Regional Final to Lansing 3-2. We had the chance and it slipped away.

What was the mindset going into the Class C Sectional playoff?

Sloan: We had great belief. We knew this was a great opportunity to win the section so we went in believing we would win it all.

What's the biggest difference between club v. high school ball?

Sloan: I would have to say the size difference. The players are a lot bigger on Varsity. Also, the coaching styles are different. There's a lot more talking from my high school coaching staff as compared to the club coaching.

What has FCRB done to help you prepare for this Varsity season?

Sloan: The training got me ready and increased my confidence so that I had a lot of belief in myself that I was ready for this challange.